Australian land-based pokies information

Pokies, or poker machines, are available all over Australia – with 20% of the world’s gaming machines found Down Under. With over 200,000 pokies in Australia you will find these in clubs, pubs, RSL’s and of course land-based casinos.

We’ve detailed the difference between these venues and provided the laws enforced in each state and territory, which ultimately determine if you can play poker machines where you live.

What types of venues host pokies?

There is an assortment of venues which host poker machines arounds Australia, not just land-based casinos.

These venues are located in suburbs all around Australia, not just capital cities, meaning they are in closer proximity and easier to access. However, there aren’t as many pokies here and these venues aren’t open 24/7 as most Australian casinos are.

Additionally, it is important to note you won’t find pokies in WA pubs or clubs due to legislation.

Pubs, bars, taverns and hotels

We’ve grouped these venues all under the one category as they are all quite similar in what they offer. These types of venues are licensed to serve alcohol on the premises, and generally offer a bistro, live music, and sometimes accommodation.

They are filled with regular customers who come for a drink or two, get a meal, and play one or more of the small selection of pokies generally located in a dedicated pokies area.

Leagues Clubs

Leagues clubs are non-for-profit organisations which support the community and local sporting clubs. These clubs offer a variety of services including food, drinks, accommodation, live entertainment, and more.

There are generally more pokies available here than you would find at a pub or club, and there are an array of other electronic games including roulette, blackjack, the Wheel, and more.

You do need to be a member to enter, which you can sign up for for a fee, or you need to get a member to sign you in as their guest.


RSLs operate as a charity organisation to help support those who have served or are serving in the Australian Defence Force.

These are licensed clubs and offer dining and bar areas and extensive gambling facilities. These facilities are similar to Leagues Clubs and their gaming machines, and include a large selection of pokies.

Additionally, if you play at an RSL you will be able to participate in the one-minute of silence each evening, held in honour of war veterans.

Bowling Clubs

Bowling Clubs main service is lawn bowls, offering a green for guests to play on. However, these venues also offer bar and dining facilities, as well as a selection of pokies similar to pubs and clubs.

These are generally located in a dedicated pokies area, inside the venue.

Australian casino venues with pokie machines

At the time of writing there are 13 land-based casinos in Australia, each hosting hundreds of electronic gaming machines. However, Casino Canberra does not offer poker machines, so we have not included the venue on our list below.

While the majority offer a wide assortment of the standard video pokies and classic fruit machines, Crown Perth can only offer electronic games and not the pull-down lever pokies due to legislation.

  • The Star – Sydney, NSW – 1500 pokies
  • Crown Melbourne – Melbourne, VIC – 2500 pokies
  • Crown Perth – Perth, WA – 2500 electronic gaming machines
  • Adelaide Casino – Adelaide, SA – 999 pokies
  • Wrest Point – Hobart, TAS – 739 pokies
  • Country Club Casino – Launceston, TAS – 492 pokies
  • Sky City Darwin – Darwin, NT – 750 pokies
  • Lasseters Casino – Alice Springs, NT – 250 pokies
  • Jupiters Hotel and Casino – Gold Coast, QLD – 1400 pokies
  • The Ville Resort and Casino – Townsville, QLD – 280 pokies
  • The Reef Hotel Casino – Cairns, QLD – 533 pokies
  • Treasury Casino – Brisbane, QLD – 1300 pokies

These casinos also host a number of table titles and other casino games, while guests have access to the bars, accommodation, theatres, food outlets, and more.

They are located in major cities and the laws surrounding their operations are governed by the legislation enforced in each state and territory.

What is Australian pokies law?

Generally, it is legal to play the pokies in Australia at land-based venues. However, laws in Australia are state and territory dependant meaning they can be different on one side of country to the other.

We detail the number of pokies available in each state and territories, if legally allowed, and the legal minimum Return to Player (RTP) requirement of each region.

New South Wales

There’s over 100,000 poker machines available in NSW, making it the leading state in Australia for the pokies.

These are located in the pubs, clubs, hotels, and at the Star Casino with all venues requiring a RTP of at least 85%.


The runner-up for the best state in Australia for pokies is QLD, with over 50,000 pokies available at pubs, clubs, hotels, and the four casinos we have listed above.

QLD also offers the best RTP minimum requirement – set at 90% for casinos and between 85% and 92% for clubs, hotels, and pubs.


Next up is Victoria, with over 30,000 pokies available across clubs, pubs, hotels and the casino, Crown Melbourne.

The minimum RTP for pokies at all venues in Victoria is 87%.

South Australia

There are over 13,000 pokies available in SA found in pubs, clubs, hotels and the Adelaide Casino.

The minimum RTP at all venues is 87.5%.

Australian Capital Territory

There are over 5000 pokies in the ACT, however Casino Canberra is not legally allowed to offer any despite clubs, pubs, and hotels eligible to do so.

The minimum RTP in the ACT is 87%.


Tasmania offers over 3500 gaming machines around the state, found in hotels, clubs, pubs and the two casinos listed above.

The minimum RTP at these venues is set at 85%.

Northern Territory

There are over 2000 pokies in the NT, spread out across pubs, clubs, hotels, and the two casinos we detailed above.

The minimum RTP at clubs, pubs, and hotels is 85%, while it is set at 88% at the casinos.

Western Australia

There are over 2500 electronic gaming machines in WA, but you will only find these at Crown Perth due to state legislation.

By law, there are no pull-down lever pokies available here, but there are a number of electronic machines which are coin operated.

The minimum RTP here is quite high for electronic machines found at land-based venues however, and is set at 90%.

There are thousands of pokies found all over Australia and you are likely to be in close proximity to a venue which offers a small selection of titles.

Otherwise you can head online to our recommended online casinos (simply click our links to sign up) where you will find a variety of pokies, with most offering a minimum RTP of 92% or higher.