People to avoid in a pokies lounge

The best part about playing online is that we don’t have to deal with other players who can detract from our pokies experience. However, when we are at land-based venues it is inevitable you are going to be playing next to someone, so we have a few type of players we suggest avoiding if you want to have a good time.

The intoxicated slots player

This is probably the worst player to sit next to, especially if you aren’t drinking yourself. If you are lucky enough to sit down next to them in the earlier periods, you can get out of there before they go all River Phoenix on you.

You can pick up on this if you see drinks coming their way regularly or if they begin to insert larger notes into the machine than they were previously, over and over again.

Signs: Giving a huge tip to the waitress delivering free drinks, loud boisterous behaviour, slurring words, and/or talking to anyone within a 2km radius.

The tired pokies player

While this doesn’t apply to everyone, as nearly all of us are a little bit tired, the irritable, tired players are the ones to avoid. They generally get quite abusive when they’re on a losing streak and this can be quite distracting.

Tired players can also make mistakes and this can only add fuel to the fire. Keep an eye out for the signs of a tired player and sit somewhere else.

Signs: Irritable, abusive, yawning, and rubbing eyes.

The jackpot winner

This isn’t the most redeemable advice we are giving, but there is nothing worse than sitting next to someone who is winning big, while you’re on a losing streak.

If you don’t mind a big win, and you actually get excited for your fellow pokies player then by all means avoid this tip, but if you notice their balance increasing it’s best to relocate if you’re the jealous type.

Signs: Lack of inserting money, big grin, and noisy machine.

A group of pokies players

There is nothing worse than a group of loud, chatty, people all huddled around the one player on a poker machine when you are trying to, solely, play the slots and win.

It is quite easy to spot this and if you aren’t one for distractions we say avoid the groups and find a nice quite spot to spin the reels.

Signs: A lot of people surrounding the one player on a slot is the giveaway sign here.

The selective slot player

While we all have our favourites in the sea of slots at land-based venues, we recommend avoiding players who are adamant they must play at a certain slot no matter what. They can be quite aggressive, which can be distracting if you are sitting next to them, and when they don’t win they can cause quite a scene.

What’s more is you never know when your slot could be their next ‘must-play’, which could be quite confrontational with this type of player.

Signs: Knows exactly where the slot is, tells you this is their lucky slot but relocates easily, or eyes your slot off with beady eyes.

The new player

If you want to play the slots and focus on the game at hand, there is nothing worse than having to teach someone what all the buttons on the machine mean.

You will basically end up teaching someone how to play rather than actually playing yourself, which is ultimately a waste of time.

If you get asked, say you have to go and get out of there as fast as possible.

Signs: Wandering around aimlessly, sitting down pressing all the buttons, or asking you directly how to play.

While we have listed here some of the types of slots players to avoid, sometimes it can actually be unavoidable with both the size of the venue and the people who enter it.

That is why we recommend playing online. Not only do you get to avoid all the aforementioned players but you also get a wide selection of pokies to play in the comfort of your own home, without ever having to wait for them to be free.